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Todd's MAME Page

This page was created to show the processes that I have used in creating my own MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) arcade cabinet.

How it started

I first found MAME on the Internet when searching for an arcade classic that I used to play. I soon found out that whilst the game was the same as I remembered it, the feeling of playing it was not. The keyboard could not give the same feel and control as to using the real arcade jojsticks and buttons.

After some time, I ran across a site which showed a full arcade cabinet running MAME, which was able to play arcade games with a comparitable feel to the original arcade machines. I cannot remember whose site this first was, but my Mame days were changed from that moment. I had to have my own mame arcade cabinet!


I visited a lot of sites that referenced MAME arcade machines, arcade controls contains great up-to-date information that helped me in the early planning stages of my cabinet. There are a lot of web sites that show how various people have built their own MAME arcade machines. I recommend visiting these sites if you plan to make your own MAME machine.

My foremost concern was obtaining an authentic and original arcade cabinet that I could strip down and build MAME into. I finally found an old cabinet, which I purchased for an amazing A$30 (thats $15 US) that I could use for my MAME machine. Bargain!

Click here to see my MAME cabinet make-over.