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Cabinet make-over

This is the original state of my cabinet when I purchased it:

As you can see. Some parts of the cabinet were in good order, but it was needing a big over-haul.

My cabinet contained no monitor or game PCB's, just some old transformers and cabling, as well as some coin mech pieces.

There were also one old joystick and two buttons, but these were completely rusted and useless.

The picture on the right is with the door open, control panel folded out, no head-board and without the glass monitor cover.

I ripped out everything!

The transformers and cabling from inside the cabinet were first. Damm those transformers are heavy :)

Once I had the pieces out, I started working on ripping out the inside boarding. It was only going to be in the way of my MAME PC and monitor later on.

I used a claw hammer to bash and dislodge the wooden boards which were nailed, screwed and glued together and a pair of pliers to remove cabling...