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Computer and monitor

The computer is the brains behind the whole operation, so I'd recommend a current model if you can get one. I decided to buy a new computer system using a mini-tower case, ensuring that I could leave the PC upright within my arcade cabinet.

You really need to have alarge sized monitor, and you should get the largest one that will fit inside your cabinet frame.

This is my PC system sitting inside the arcade cabinet. It connects the the monitor above the PC. Power is supplied by a power board (4 outlets) that I mounted at the rear.

My main PC components are below:

  • Athlon 750 Mhz
  • 128mb RAM
  • 30gb hard drive (only uses around 5-10mb though)
  • 32mb GeForce graphics card
  • Windows 98 OS

This picture shows my 19" HP monitor that I used for my screen. I chose this monitor for two main reasons:

  1. it was the largest size I could fit in my cabinet
  2. it was really quite light

The black tape you see on the edges of my monitor is so you don't notice there is a monitor beneath the glass once themonitor overlay is placed on top of the monitor.

This is my monitor overlay. I created this by cutting out the shape from a flat section of cardboard. I then spary painted this cardboard with matt black paint.

This overlay goes between the monitor and the glass cover of the cabinet.

It looks quite rough in the photo, but once inside the cabinet you don't notice it at all.

The GUI (user interface) that I used to control MAME was Mame32. The screenshot on the right shows the interface running under Windows 98.

I chose Mame32 because it can show a preview picture of your game in the right frame, it is stable and can be easily controled by the arcade joystick and buttons.