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Control panel

This was the trickiest part of the whole cabinet setup. There are a lot of fiddly wires, lots of sanding and painting as well as testing different layout configurations. I fully recommend you use some sort of keyboard encoder, such as the I-PAC to make it easier to configure and change your settings.

This is the original control panel that was supplied with the cabinet. It had two red joysticks and a couple of red buttons that didn't work and the whole thing was covered in rust!

I sanded back the control panel and then hit it with some black spraypaint.
The result was great, especially compared to what it first looked like.

This shows the underside of my control panel when wired up to the keyboard encoder (I-Pac).

  • Two joysticks
  • 12 red buttons
  • 2 white buttons (player 1&2)

I used Happ Controls buttons and the joysticks were provided by a very helpful local Aussie - OzStick.

For the wiring, I used an old 25-pin printer cable, which provided just enough wires to connect to each.

This is the I-Pac keyboard encoder, hooked up to the control panel using the 25-pin printer cable. The I-Pac enables you to also connect an external keyboard as well, for convenience :)

The thick black wires I used as earth wires, which connect from one button / joystick to the next in a serial fashion.