Please be aware that tipping is customary for almost any service related function at the resort. However, its not the 10-20% we are acustomed to in Canada. Tipping a dollar or two occasionally for drinks and a few dollars at meals (dinner) will suffice.

You could also tip the maids, minibar person, gardeners etc. If you wish. Tip when you appreciate someone's work; it is not mandatory to tip.

What Currency should I bring?

USD and/or Mexican Pesos. Most activities and stores will accept American currency and/or credit cards. If you pay USD, change is typically given in pesos. See here to learn more about using money while in Mexico.

Is internet access available?

Yes, for a fee. The resort provides several options for internet access, but there is a fee for the use. Wireless internet access is offered throughout the various lobbies.

Internet access can also be activated in the individual rooms via the use of a network cable. Additional information about internet availability can be found here.

Will I get Cell Phone service?

Yes. Cell phone service is available all along the Riviera Maya, including the Barcelo Maya property. Be sure to check with your phone service provider to see if you need to enable international roaming.

Using your cell phone in Mexico can be quite expensive if you do not have an international package as part of your plan. Receiving a text message or even a voice mail notification can cause your phone to incur charges. Be sure to check the international rates with your cell phone provider prior to leaving for Mexico and alter your plans if communication will be vital while in Mexico.

Will I need a power converter?

Yes and No. If you are from Canada – then no you do not need an adapter. If you are from Austrlia, then you will need a travel adapter.

The electrical outlets at the Barcelo Maya Palace are capable of accepting several different plug types, including the North American style plug. If traveling with several different types of electronic devices, guests may choose to bring a small extension cord with a multi-outlet hookup as there may only be 1-2 outlets available in the room. Click here to see a picture of the outlet.

Will there be a safe in my room?

Yes. Every room at the Barcelo Maya is equipped with a small in-room safe that guests can use to house important items. The safes use a digital interface and instructions for setting your own key code will be affixed to or near the unit. The safe's are not extremely large, but guests should have no trouble storing their important documents, cameras, laptops and other small devices within the compartment.